Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mass online shopping! Big thanks for my generous bro!

Hello!! Good news! My parents managed to sell off the petrol hungry 4 wheel drive Honda CRV and bought a brand new 2009 Honda City. Car is scheduled to be delivered to our garage by next Monday. Hope the salesgirl is not lying. And guess what, my older brother is coming back to Malaysia soil next month! After working in the states for almost a year, well apparently, he and his friends cannot manage to extend their working visa for another year, which is quite disappointment for him. The good thing is his visa in the states expire on sometime around year 2011. So he can still pay another visit in U.S. anytime before year 2011.

In the meantime, I've been doin a lot online shopping in US ebay store and Thanks for my generous brother for letting me buy stuffs by using his credit card. With the total cost $400-450 of Playstation 3 game titles, YES, i know i can buy a Sony Playstation 3 console in Malaysia with that amount of cash. But after doing some maths and price comparison , it will cost a BOMB to buy these original copies in here. Each US region game cost $55-64.90 in the Malaysia, but on Ebay stores i can get one of those for $30-40. So u do the maths. Haha. Anyway here are the games i bought.......

Forget about other items. Those are my brother's items.

Parcel 1

Parcel 2

Arg, as u can see i separate my orders into 2 on Reason: To get rid of the Malaysia Import duty and sales tax. I got friends who got charged 20% tax for getting imported stuffs like games, designer's handbag, Belts, Polo-T.... etc you name it.... Tragedy isn't it? TOUCH WOOD! I just hope my parcels will arrive next Monday without any problems... Hey, we are talking about Fedex courier...

UPDATE: I just tracked my 2 parcels on Fedex site. Okay. This really worries me... :-S

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello people.... Sorry for the late updates. Been hanging out with some old friends. Glad that Jessica is back in Sabah and she will be staying here for some time.. At least there is another friend i can go out with. Gonna cut this short.. Not really in the mood of blogging... Here's what i listen a lot recently...
Definitely a great summer party hitz.

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland- When Love Takes Over

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Razer Deathadder gaming mouse and Razer Exact Mat unboxing

Muahahhahah. Just got my gaming mouse today. Happy Happy. Managed to drive a crazy bargain with the online seller for as low as Rm180. Items consist of an used Razer Deathadder, HyperX mouse glider, a Razer exact mat and a Razer arm rest! Suppperr great deal!

Everything comes in good condition

Game on bitches. Headshots comin from my guns.

In the mean time, i'll be goin out more often with Jess, an old friend whom just came back from UK. More pictures and updates soon. ciao

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Upcoming event

Nom nom nom. Sister gonna throw a bday party on Thursday at Shenanigan. Apparently i have no idea how many guests she had already invited. But no doubt there will be 40 guests joining the party including my parents. Listen. My PARENTS. Have to be very cautious of my behavior. No smoking or no dirrty dance with other guys. Joking. Anyway, looking forward to the party with excitement. Be sure to check my blog. Will upload pictures taken in Penang and KL trip soon. Ciao.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Awesome night in La Bear bar

FYI, La Bear is a well known gay bar in Cheras. It wasn't my idea and it wasn't the place i wanted to go. Surprisingly, it was not that bad i would have thought. Special appearances by Denise and a super duper cute guy called K.P. Kudos to Denise for introducing him. There was indeed some chemistry happened between him and I. I quite fancy this young boy. Was tempted to get his number. But grrrrrrr.. I just don't have the guts. Well, i had some fun there and get to meet different people. Back at Anani's home around 4am and i was kinda tipsy due to the big ammounts of beers i've taken.. Ended up throw up for a bit before i sleep. Right now still suffering a bit of hangover.... Not good not goodddd.... Pictures soon . Gotta have ma brunch now

Highlights of the night :

Denise and the super cute Kebby

Nom nom nom, i would jizz my pant by looking at this picture

Kebby, Denise and Anani the camwhore

Lookin like crap in d pic. But oh who cares?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour '09

Rise and Shine! i am going to participate the Earth Hour 2009. Will be switching off the lights and every single electronic devices for one hour starting from 8.30pm till 9.30pm........ Till then, Ciaoooo. Dinner

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fruitful of Chinese New Year and B'day clelebration.

Arggg.. It's been such a long time since i last posted the blog. I am back posting the blog bitches! So my dear Rachel and Seeky. Stop complaining! I've been lazy....

Thank you so much for the Esprit beanie cap and Body Shop toiletries.

Vannesa my honor guest and thank you for the 'angpau'.

Love to dine in Toscanis Restaurant. They serve awesome italian foods.

Easter, the entertainer of that night. No gift for me. Booooo! Jkjk

Kisses for those whom i love made an effort to call me from overseas for surprise bday greetings.